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Quake Youth Encounter 2023

The Quake Youth Encounter will take place in Minneapolis from March 17-19, 2023. Registration and deposit are due December 21, 2022, so we can guarantee a spot for you.

This retreat will be required for confirmation students and highly encouraged for all other Luther Leaguers! Luther League will pay for your attendance and hotel costs for the retreat, but a deposit of $95 (this is the early bird fee, the standard fee is $120) is needed to hold your spot and will not be cashed; it will be returned provided you go. If you don’t go, it will not be refunded. Meals are not included in the fee, so please plan on bringing money and/or food. The hotel does have a pool. If you choose to swim, please bring appropriate swim attire (please remember this is a religious event).

Note: Before registration can commence, we need the commitment of at minimum one male and one female to drive and chaperone for the weekend. Please let Brenda Anderson know as soon as possible if you know an adult who would be willing to join us.

Please remit this completed form along with the deposit to Brenda Anderson, and make checks payable to St John’s Luther League.