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At St. Johns, we want to see you and your family grow deeper in faith…..through fellowship with others, time spent in study and devotion, and serving others to share the Word of Christ’s forgiveness with them. Our confirmation program is designed to help our 8th and 9th grade students explore their faith and learn from the timeless teachings of Martin Luther. Students will spend time in study, fellowship, service and mission work, and a yearly weekend trip. After two years of study, the students will confirm their faith with a public faith statement and celebrate with an Affirmation of Baptism service.

Useful links for the confirmation year.

Youth Confirmation

Confirmation is an essential step in the Christian faith formation of our children's lives. Our young people spend time in fellowship with one another while digging deeper into scripture with Pastor Bennet. Time is also spent in putting their faith into action through community involvement mentoring others.

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