Youth & Family Ministry

Breakfast Club and High School Bible Study are on hiatus until further notice.

March 25 Family Devotion

Read Mark 3:13-30

             It feels pretty good to get picked out of a crowd to do something special. When the boss notices you at work or the teacher notices you at school it can make you feel kind of special. It’s always nice to get a little bit of recognition.

Huge crowds of people were following Jesus wherever he went, and out of all of those people, Jesus picked out twelve to travel with him. They left behind their jobs and even some of their family responsibilities to go with Jesus. It must have been pretty amazing to get picked out by Jesus like that. To have Jesus want you to be one of his followers would make you pretty special.

But sometimes when one person feels special, other people feel jealous. There were lots of people, including his own family, who were bothered by all the attention was getting. They didn’t think he deserved such special treatment and they came up with a nasty reason for why he was getting it - the Devil was helping him.

But Jesus explained to the people around him that he had actually come to defeat the Devil. But no one really understood what he meant.

Talk it over

  • Have you ever been singled out for something you have accomplished? How did that feel?
  • Have you ever been jealous when someone else was singled out? What did you do?
  • Why do you think Jesus chose a few people to follow him?


Lord God, sometimes we know you love us and sometimes we aren’t sure. Give us your Spirit so that we will always know that you have chosen us. Amen.