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Daily Reading - Psalm 60

Catechism Reflection

First Commandment

 You shall have no other gods.

What does this mean?

We are to fear, love, and trust God above anything else.

Once the Lord decided to be our Lord, it seems like it should be easy to have no other gods. Why would we need any other gods when the One true and Living God is already working on our behalf? Why would we worship something less, when the Lord of Lords is surrounding us with his steadfast love and mercy?
And yet, this is our biggest problem. At every opportunity we are on the lookout for something or someone else to worship. Our first, last, and favorite choice is ourselves.
While it's nice that the Living God has promised to be our God, we'd really prefer not to need him. And the best way not to need God is to be gods unto ourselves.
It wasn't the fruit that tempted us in the garden. It was the chance to "be like God." That's what we're always after.
For the next month or so we will consider this matter of what it means to have no other gods. While it's nice to imagine that the result will be solving the problem of idolatry. But this is original sin we're talking about. And what this commandment shows us over and over and over again is what a miraculous gift it is that despite our best (worst) efforts, the Lord refuses to break his promise to be our Lord.


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